NYC Kizomba FEstival & COmpetition

Join us this Memorial Weekend 2019, during our Seki Festival, for our 2nd edition of the North American Semba and Kizomba competition! The Seki team is so excited to bring to you a high energy, fun, and unique competition that promotes the dance and culture throughout the North American continent.

For this competition, we are looking for couples who would love to showcase their creativity and energy through choreography and improvisation. We want to see you look good, feel good, and having fun! There will be prizes, including a cash, full passes to the Caribbean Kizomba Retreat on the beautiful island of St. Martin, and much more. 

Prospective participating couples are encouraged to message us on the Séki Facebook page if any questions or concerns arise.

Contestants are able to enjoy all the workshops, day socials & parties. 

Do you have what it takes to be the next North American Semba & Kizomba champion?


Prospective competitors are expected to register no later than April 1st, 2019 by sending your name, partner's name, the city of representation as well as a payment of $200. 


competitors will be judged on their improvisation & choreography (show) 


Duration: 2 minutes 

Competitors will dance to a mix of kizomba and semba (social) that the organization will create. Selection of which mixed is played will be at random. The kizomba portion of the mix will be 1 minute and the semba portion will also be 1 minute; totaling 2 minute. 


Choreography (show): 
Duration: 2 minutes 
For this part of the competition a choreographed show will be prepared by each competing couple. Mix (music) is the responsibility of the couple and is to be provided to the organization via email no later than 1 week prior to the date of competition.  

During the 2 minutes - At least 45 seconds must be allotted to kizomba and 45 seconds to semba. If chosen, each part can be longer than 45 seconds. Competitors can choose to make their whole 2 minute show kizomba and semba. It is the choice of the competing couple to allot whatever amount of time to each piece AS LONG AS each piece is AT LEAST 45 seconds. 
If competitors choose to make their mix with the minimum allowed time for each genre (45 seconds) then, the remaining 30 seconds can be split between an afrohouse/kuduro piece and introduction. 

Please contact the organization for any further question regarding the mix for choreography portion. 

Competitors will be evaluated based on several different criteria. 

TECHNIQUE: execution of basic foundation of semba/kizomba 

EXPRESSION: movement "ginga" & engagement, be fun and show your personality 

PRESENTATION: outfit, makeup etc the whole ensemble 

CREATIVITY & ORIGINALITY: this the time to showcase and be you. 

IMPROVISATION:  be able to dance and showcase foundational steps, musicality, timing and interpretation. 

CHOREOGRAPHY: your time to shine. 

Judges will score based on how well you execute these different criteria. Three couples with the highest points move on to the final round for the title of North American Semba/Kizomba champion. 

The winning couple will gain the title of North American Semba/Kizomba champion and the prize of $1000. 

**Judges will be announced as we get closer to competition date.

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